For whatever reason, I felt very poetic at CERN and wrote these poems, which are lame in every respect except that they rhyme.

Ode to Wolfgang

Wolfgang, oh Wolfgang
You caused us no pain
On our trip above Spain
Which was certainly not lame

We had a fantastic time
I’m so glad this experience is mine
To visit CERN at my prime
So great it should be a crime

You compute with bits and bytes
On machines covered with light
You’re our shinning knight
Guiding us out of our fright

Your work is written about by Dan Brown
You show us around town
You approach every day with an antifrown

Wolfgang, oh Wolfgang, burning bright
You guide us straight – straight into the light
Intel cowers as they behold your might
The seas part ‘neath your sight

As you play the saxophone
We’re sad because we’re all alone
We appreciate all the time you loan
And the dinner parties you’ve thrown

You seem like a teddy bear
In the way you care
But you’re tough when software companies tell you their fare
You don’t want them to get profit to share

Maybe someday soon we’ll see you again at CERN
There’s much more for us to learn
Our knowledge like a growing fern
But now we know how protons accelerate and turn

Thanks for planning all those science talks
And for taking us to Geneva for a walk
To see the boats in the dock
Not leaving us in a car with a lock

You were the IT director
About this we’ve heard a lecture
And seen electricity feeding computers like necter
Oh, you clever data program director

Physics Poem

Perhaps they found the Higgs at last
Physicists are aghast
But it flew by so fast
In a sudden blast

Maybe they didn’t find the Higgs
Their search as futile as the Bay of Pigs
Physics no longer rests on stable rigs
Maybe the world’s make of figs

Poem about Taylor

Taylor’s obsessed with radioactivity
To him, it’s divinity
He’d commit a crime
To get close to a yellow sign
Youngest to achieve nuclear fission
Since age ten he’s been on a mission
Today he met his soul’s sister
Learned so much because he’s a good listener

2 Responses to Poems

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  2. Vedant says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I still remember working on the verses together :-).

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