CERN Background

2010 Intel ISEF CERN Special Award Winners

The European Organization of Nuclear Research, more commonly known by its French acronym “CERN” (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), hosts the largest and most complex scientific experiment in the world, by far. Located near Geneva, Switzerland, scientists from all over the world unite here to study the most fundamental components of matter and the nature of the universe. For physics enthusiasts like me, CERN more than rivals Disney World. I can’t wait to visit the place I’ve read so much about. The 2010 Intel International Science and Engeneering Fair (ISEF) award judges could not have selected a happier recipient.

The following videos provide great introductions to CERN:

Also, here are links are to some enlightening non-technical articles about CERN:

>> Click here for a comprehensive overview of CERN from CERN’s own website.

>> Click here for a general overview of CERN that also discusses the connection between art and science.

>> Click here for a New York Times article describing recent developments at CERN.

Most of the CERN researchers don’t actually live here. They can work almost anywhere because data collected at CERN is highly accessible via the Web. Before winning this trip to CERN, I met with a graduate student at University of Maryland (UMD) who conducts research at CERN. She visits CERN about once a semester to maintain one of the particle detectors on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). At UMD, she analyses the data she programmed this detector to collect. There are two other UMD graduate students conducting CERN research in a similar fashion, and, one UMD professor who works full-time at CERN.

Clearly, CERN is an international project attracting some of the brightest researchers from all over the world.

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