Traveling to CERN (via England)

– Friday June 11, 2010 –

The CERN Special Award coincided with my family’s hiking trip in England’s Lake District, so I spent two great days in England with my sister, parents, three cousins, aunt and uncle before heading off to Geneva.

– Saturday June 12, 2010 –

The first stop on our drive to the Lake District was Waddesdon Manor, the dazzling mansion commissioned by Lord Rothschild in the late 1800s. Our original plan was to see both Waddesdon Manor and Blenheim Palace today, but we encountered heavy traffic due to an accident on the way to Waddesdon, so we decided to spend the whole day there. For lunch, we ate in my favorite café at Waddesdon: the Stables. I had a delicious baguette sandwich and their famous cream tea. I can’t imagine a more gorgeous place to spend the afternoon! It was a beautiful blue-sky day; all the gardens were bursting with blossoming flowers. The house was stunning. Rothschild built it about 130 years ago to showcase his fantastic art collection. Dying without an heir, he left the house and its contents to the National Trust. Moreover, he endowed the Trust with enough money to properly maintain the house, so it is noticeably better kept than other historic English homes. The largest chandelier in the house takes one person two days to clean!

Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor, where we spent a gorgeous afternoon

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